CE/IoT Partners, LLC


Business to Business consulting in the fields of Consumer Electronics and the Internet of Things.

Areas of Practice

Business Development

CE/IoT Partners is uniquely positioned to help you achieve your goals in the custom electronics, consumer electronics, security and IoT space.  We work with companies ranging from start-ups to large corporations to help develop new products, new channels and successfully launch and monetize their vision.

We know the market and interface regularly with many of the top players in the key companies in the industry.  We know the people, the products and technology to help connect companies, people and things.

Product Development

The CE/IOT Partners team has created some of the most successful, best-selling and iconic products in the market today. We have a track record in creating successful award-wining products and services.  We’ve helped companies identify new uses for their technologies and find new channels for existing products.  We can help analyze the competitive landscape to help you determine if there is intellectual property of which you need be aware to stay out of harm’s way.  We will also help identify which of your technologies and products might be suitable for IP of your own and to protect your intellectual property rights.

From industrial design to value engineering to finding the right contract manufacturer for your profile and product we have the background and connections to get your concept to market.


The good news is CE and IoT are hot markets with a lot of excitement and buzz.  The bad news is that all of that buzz creates a lot of noise you need to break through to in order get heard.  Our team has collectively launched hundreds of products including some of the best sellers in the industry.  We can develop a brand, create the theme, name products, develop the package and manage the message to get it in front of the people that matter to you.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, did it make a sound?  The corollary is if a product or service is launched and the right people don’t know about it, or care, is there a reward? Launching and helping you to monetize your efforts is a core competency.


The CE/IoT Partners team has been successful in creating and reviewing cloud infrastructure architectures and software development for start-ups and some of the largest technology companies in the world. Many products in the market require efficient embedded firmware in order to meet the necessary price points and zero latency functionality.  Whether software or firmware we will work with your team to get done and done efficiently.

Once the product is complete you need to pass proper regulatory testing and review and likely more than simple UL electrical safety. Members of the CE/IoT Partners team have successfully tested and certified hundreds of products and have deep connections to get your product through efficiently and under budget.

Market Research

CE/IoT Partners research team has developed proprietary data and research techniques used by some of the best and largest companies in the channel.  We can leverage our experience and knowledge to help you visualize a path to your goals.  You require knowledge to fine tune and make the hard go, no-go decisions and we have the data to support those decisions.

Our proprietary data collection process gives you the focused user data and trends that are so important in today's ever changing marketplace.


CE and IoT are disruptive market forces in themselves.  New market entrants from start-ups to the large tech companies make it a confusing and potentially dangerous playground.  Sure, you need a map but for a map to be of any value you first need to pick a destination.  Think of CE/IoT as the GPS for your business.  But there are rules of the road and we’ll help you create the contract and business rules under which you operate from NDAs to purchase agreements.

One goal of being successful is creating value for you and your investors.  Along with launching your products and services, through M&A advisement, we can help you understand your business and intellectual asset valuation to create an exit strategy.  We’ve helped both product and service companies find a home.